A bit about me

Hi, I’m Jess –

Just an average girl documenting her journey to crush her debt, mostly to hold myself accountable – but also in hopes of inspiring one or two people out there in the great unknown to do the same for themselves. I always thought that achieving financial freedom meant earning a fat paycheck and paying off your debts, but it turns out financial freedom is also learning to live below your means – less is more. You don’t need to be doing what everyone else is doing, or spending your money on what everyone else is spending their money on. No one’s keeping score (no one important) of who has the most and the best.

Life should be a whole lot less about the things that you have and who can see them, and more about the experiences and connections you make with genuine people. I’m documenting more than my journey to crush debt. I’m also documenting my own life style changes, shift in perspective, and overall relationship with money, materialism and minimalism.

Fun facts about me: I’m an avid reader of books, I love music, dancing (especially shuffling, look it up!), festivals and travelling. I’ve been to Germany, Italy, Thailand and Mexico, next up Patagonia in Argentina for the Solar Eclipse. When I’m not at the gym dancing or working out, I’m usually trying to learn to cook and feed myself – I’m getting better at it I might add! My lil family unit consists of my boyfriend of almost two years, Jordan and my 5 year old Jindo pup (yes he’s still my puppy) Ruky – also answers to Boyo and Boyfriend.

Stick around to get to know me better, hope you find something worthwhile in this blog. Enjoy!


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